In loving memory:

Max: Max suffered from severe anxiety and lived here at NVH for over 15 years. He was a sweet boy who tolerated adults, but absolutely loved visits from children. We lost our Max the summer of 2020 to kidney failure at the ripe old age of 21.

Beau: Beau was our tail-less wonder who lived at NVH for a number of years. Former owner and veterinarian Dr. Giel saved in him ago after a terrible accident where he needed his tail amputated, and a serious surgery that made it so he could not go to the bathroom on his own. Each new staff member got a right of passage when they learned how to “squeeze” Beau!

Moogley: Moogley was our manager, Samantha’s favorite orphan (she loved them all, but he held a special place in her heart!). He was a spitfire who hated being held, but you better believe he loved to be picked up and put on the counter for his cream every morning!

Louie: Louie was like Max’s short-haired brother. He lived in the office and was quite the loud breather. We all miss him.

Owen: Don’t let the name fool you, Owen was a lady! She was a tiny ball of fire!

Amelia: Amelia lived to be quite the old woman. She loved walking around the hospital letting the other orphans know that she was the queen bee!

Sheba: Oh Sheba, she was a sweet old dog who roamed around the hospital halls for quite a while. She wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Sue and Sam always had a special bond with her. She was a great escape artist and loved to share peoples’ lunch with them!

Atticus: Atticus, big, sweet, round, all black boy! He was the sweetest rotund kitty who enjoyed extra treats when he got his insulin injections twice a day.

Tardy: Who could forget Tardy?! She hung out at the front desk and would steal your lunch meat off your sandwich if you weren’t paying attention!

Twinkie: Twinkie came and lived with us for just a short while, Tracy loved her so much and would always give her some extra attention every day.

Little Foot: Little Foot came to us when one of our clients was unable to care for him properly. He had become blind and had many serious issues. The family here at NVH took great care of him!

Pippin: Pippin was a sweet older kitty who had diabetes. She unfortunately wasn’t with us for long, but as they all do she for sure left her paw prints on our hearts.