When they remember you and your pets name it feels it’s the beginning of a wonderful relationship , we moved up to Salem about 6 months ago and must say we lucked out in searching for a vet for our dogs
– Henry

I like Dr. Baig. I have always liked the other staff members. You are all doing something right! Keep it up.
– Torrey

Our dog is a handful- protective German Shepherd. They were very understanding and worked well with us to handle him with care, and still get done what was needed. We miss Dr Geil but it’s still an excellent office!!
– Alissa

Hopper is my “baby”, and she was treated very nice….all that counts!!😃
– Marilyn

Great Vet and staff they really care about the animals!!!! Highly recommended!
– Regan

Friendly people and are concerned about my pet
– James