Janice, Practice Manager, Inventory Manager Skyla

Meet the friendly staff at Norwich Veterinary Hospital!

Janice and Skyla
Practice Manager, Inventory Manager

Janice has been working at Norwich Vet for 13 years, first as a Vet Tech and Receptionist, and now a the Inventory Manager/Practice Manager. Her love for animals began at an early age - she would bring home every stray and sick animal of any species (Sorry, Mom and Dad!). During high school, she worked at a dressage riding academy as a working student for lessons and board. Over the years, she has also been a kennel manager and a groomer.

She is the mom to kids of both the two-legged and four-legged variety. She resides in a beautiful country home with her wonderful husband, her two spirited daughters, 3 cats, dog, a leopard gecko, and 2 chickens. (Her oldest daughter has taken over the role of bringing home all the strays). She enjoys spending time at the barn with their newly purchased pony. Janice holds a special place in her heart for all her animals, past and present.


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